Running and Working Out Headphones Review

After researching the pros and cons of running to music I swayed from thinking it might in some way be dangerous on the roads especially to actually going for it in a big way. I can run therefore I should. I know it’s good for me but I can’t say I enjoyed it that much straight away and without the music I’d have fallen off the fitness wagon in no time. I’m running around 40/50 miles a week nowadays and I’m even checking around all the time for marathons in quite a wide area so I’ve literally come a long way, but I got to hand it to listening to my music and of course finding the best headphones for running that suite me, which are the Sennheiser PMX 686G Sports Earbud Neckband Headset.


I like my wired headset above wireless and my thoughts on Bluetooth technology are not very positive since the first pair I got never seemed to last the distance as far as battery life was concerned. Doesn’t matter to me that I know people who have switched to Bluetooth and think I’m a technophobe or a Luddite but it’s a matter of taste isn’t it. I’m dependent on my music when I’m running though there are times when I don’t have them on, like when I’m running with friends. But mostly I’m running on my own and the best thing I can do is get my music and the activity gets easier, I’m more relaxed and I do better all round.


I see it is if music can help people to run, or run for longer, then music is a great positive contribution to health and running with music combines music which everyone loves to running which is not always favoured by all! Music is all around me – I’m at my best when I tune out to lots of other activities. I’m lucky I can wear them sometime in work and I also tune in which I’m reading so it’s not just that these Sennheiser Sports the best headphones for running with bluetooth, they’re the best ones for me personally!